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On July 31, 2021, the Antiochian Western Rite Vicariate hosted a one-day conference, "Conversations on the Atonement," discussing a topic that is utterly foundational to our faith. The day began with Mass, Bp. John Abdalah presiding, and concluded with Vespers & Benedition. Sessions included a presentation by Dr. Marcus Plested, a recorded interview with Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon, and a Q&A panel with Dr. Plested, Bp. John Abdalah, Fr. Edward Hughes, Fr. John Fenton, and Fr. Patrick Cardine.

The interview with Fr. Patrick Henry Reardon discussed his primary focus on the Atonement through the lens of the Son's relationship to the Father. Dr. Marcus Plested's presentation centered on an excerpt from The Life in Christ by Nicholas Cabasilas, especially highlighting the connection between Christ's atoning work and the process of Deification as well as noting Cabasilas' ability to synthesize the theological discussions of East and West. The Q&A panel responded to questions on a range of related topics submitted by both the in-person and livestream attendees.

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